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 Virtual Office


Virtual Office is a breakthrough in running one's business without a physical office setup.




      • No huge capital investment                 
      • No staff cost                                                       
      • Flexible working environment                      
      • Flexible working hours
      • Incomparable personalizd services


Who is suitable for Virtual Office?

  • New business start-ups who have limited budget and cannot afford to set up a physical office
  • Home business runners who need a decent office address for better identity.  A better address means more business.
  • Businessmen who travel extensively and therefore do not want to maintain an office in town.


How can we help?

Vision Business Limited offers a Virtual Office Package where companies can use our office address as the register office in Hong KongIn addition,  our company will handle all the calls, faxes, and mails; forwarding it to the company’s designated destination at a small cost.



Below are our Virtual Office Packages for your information:



 A. Address Registration

  • Use our address as an official business registration address
  • Receive government notification mails
  • Notification of received government mails 

 B. Business Address Package

  • Package A plus
  • Usage of our address for Business cards/ Letterheads
  • Receive Routine Business Mails & Parcels    

 C. Standard Telephone Package

  • Dedicated telephone number, clients may forward their business or personal phone number to our centre.
  • During office hours:
    • Secretary answers incoming calls in your company name
    • Designated welcome message
    • instantly notify customers of their incoming calls & message by e-mail or phone (for local telephone number only).
  • 24 hours individual telephone voicemail service
D. Super Telephone plus E-fax package
  • Package C plus
  • A dedicated e-fax number; your incoming faxes will be automatically converted to TIF file format and emailed to your specified e-mail address (1000 pages/month).  Fast, accurate with high confidentiality.

 E. Deluxe Business Package

  •  Includes Package  B + D

Extra Service:

 II. Call Transfer  During office hours: secretary can instantly transfer calls to your designated telephone number
 III. E-fax service  A dedicated e-fax number: your incoming faxes will be automatically converted to TIF/PDF file formate and emailed to your specified e-mails address (1000 pages).  Fast, accurate with high confidentiality

* Price are subjected to change with no prior notice

*For Detail Information Contact Us at  (852) 3583 9288or



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